sFz Concert


sFz Recordings presents an evening of Innovative Sound and Movement

in celebration of three new releases:

Erik Lindgren Scores! (sFz - 001)

Ken Field -- Pictures of Motion (sFz - 002)

Lauri des Marais/Erik Lindgren -- Stimuli (sFz - 003)

Live Performance Featuring:

  • Erik Lindgren -- Rude Awakenings ("X-Opera" featuring libretto by Pagan Kennedy) for trio, phone answering machine messages, and shadow dancing, and Changes for piano, clarinet and improvised bass and percussion. Guest musicians including Rick Scott from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.
  • Lauri des Marais/Susan DeLeo/Kris Thompson -- 13 Transitions [Excerpts] for voice, guitar, theremin, prerecorded tape, and "Movement So Still With Sound"
  • Ken Field -- Layered alto saxophone works from Pictures of Motion, performed by Neil Leonard, Jim Hobbs, and Ken Field (alto saxophones), Eric Paull (drums), John Styklunas (acoustic bass)

Friday 12 November 1999  8:00 PM
Green Street Dance Studio
185 Green Street, Cambridge, MA
(Central Square, one block from Green Street Grill)

Tickets $5 Call (617) 864-3191 for reservations Call (508) 947-7387 for information

Reception following concert at The People's Club (VFW Post 299) 288B Green Street (in basement) Music provided by the Board of Education


Erik Lindgren Scores!


7 Acoustic Chamber Works with bonus CD-ROM from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic keyboardist

  • Scenes From The Nemasket River
  • Psychedelic Music For String Quartet
  • Visions of Seattle
  • Uriel I-IV
  • Seasons
  • Changes
  • Tides

Drawing from wildly diverse influences such as the French Impressionists, Anton Webern, Brian Eno and Pere Ubu (the band), Boston composer Erik Lindgren presents seven of his chamber works for acoustic instruments. Package includes a bonus CD-ROM which contains custom-created movies employing Lindgren's Sonic Visualization treatment to four of these works.

Erik Lindgren Scores! acknowledges the artist's deep-rooted sensitivity and allegiance to the Classical tradition and is a logical extension of his twenty-year tenure with the breakthrough modern music ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. These crafted compositions capture Lindgren's 180-degree musical vision in which academic, psychedelic, ambient and punk aesthetic logically meld into one voice. This 2-CD set includes a 12-page booklet with extensive liner notes and biographical information.

Lindgren received his MA in music composition and piano performance in 1977 and has studied with T.J. Anderson, Richard Hervig, Donald Jenni, and Alfred Nieman. For over twenty years, he has possibly logged in more airplay than Steve Reich due to his countless jingles and commercial scores which permeate the airwaves. Lindgren also passionately runs Arf! Arf!, a reissue label dedicated to the preservation of '60s Garage/Psychedelic rock and "Incredibly Strange Music."

"Erik Lindgren scores consummate musicianship from the spatially abstract to a defining American vernacular. Erik Lindgren IS American music."-Van Dyke Parks


Ken Field - Pictures of Motion


2nd Solo Release by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic's Ken Field

  • Pictures of Motion
  • Canned Chicken
  • Corteo
  • Plitvice
  • Tensleep
  • Pass Along
  • Some Things Reconsidered
  • Parade
  • Book of Balance
  • Road To Recluse
  • Confluence Suite
  • Time Remembered
  • Bells of Balance

An impressive mix of ethno-innovative aesthetics, integrating elements of ambient, hiphop, minimalism, swing, acid, improv, and even Balkan processional music! This unique music for layered alto saxophones builds on the concepts Field introduced on Subterranea, his critically-acclaimed 1996 O.O.Discs debut CD.

Tracks, including two of Field's pieces for Sesame Street (!), were recorded in Seattle and Boston with multi-instrumentalist Amy Denio, Living Daylights' leader/saxophonist Jessica Lurie, Club D'Elf bassist Mike Rivard, and others. The CD features liner notes by WNYC Music Director/New Sounds host John Schaefer.

Ken Field is a saxophonist, flautist, percussionist, and composer. Since 1988 he has been a member of the internationally celebrated electrified modern music ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, with whom he has recorded three CDs for Cuneiform. Field has performed in the US, Canada, France, Spain, and Japan, and recently completed a composing residency at the Fundacion Valparaiso in Spain.

About Field's debut CD Subterranea:

"With references to Sun Ra, chant, trance, and saxophone quartets, Field has created something extraordinary." (SoS Jazz).

"Mysterious, chilling, and richly textured...overwhelmingly captivating." (Saxophone Journal).

"I loved it." (John Zorn).

Lauri des Marais/Erik Lindgren-Stimuli [Stories In Sound-Volume 1]


Structured Composition, Sound Design, Noise Elements and Psycho Babble

  • The Far Field/Inputs
  • Rude Awakenings
  • 13 Transitions {excerpts]
  • Backdrops 3: In Accepted Translations, in 4 Parts

Stimuli picks up where Music For Airports, Metal Machine Music, and In C left off. Boston-area composers Lauri des Marais and Erik Lindgren dovetail their individual musical strengths and concoct a radically fresh approach that integrates structured composition, sound design, noise elements and psycho babble.

On this 79-minute disc are four sonically innovative and conceptually inventive "Stories In Sound." Works include: the five-movement "X-Opera" Rude Awakenings for trio, phone answering machine messages and synthesized stream (libretto by Simon & Schuster author Pagan Kennedy); The Far Field/Inputs, which blends found sound and prepared piano with radical teutonic underscoring; the mood-shifting 13 Transitions {excerpts] for voice, synthesizer and guitar with shades of Nico, plus des Marais ethereal 22-minute audio essay Backdrops 3: In Accepted Translations, in 4 Parts.

Des Marais has studied the practice of Deep Listening and has performed with Pauline Oliveros and is currently collaborating with Richard Pinhas. For twenty years, Lindgren has been a member of the modern music ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic and runs Arf! Arf!, a prolific reissue label dedicated to the preservation of '60s Garage/Psychedelic rock and "Incredibly Strange Music."

"Stimuli" contains unpredictable music that truly unfolds in strange and mysterious ways. CD features guest appearances by Birdsongs' saxophonist/flautist Ken Field, Alloy Orchestra/Binary System's Roger Miller, and guitarist Susan DeLeo.

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